DeRadiate is a nourishing daily super food cleanse and meal replacement that supports the brain and body to cleanse radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, and pathogens. A potent blend of herbs and minerals provide an abundance of protein, vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants and free-radical scavengers. DeRadiate provides essential nutrients and electromagnetic properties necessary for the body to initiate the cleansing and revitalization process.

In tandem with a proper diet, DeRadiate nutritionally supports the brain and body to:

  • Cleanse radiation, heavy metals, chemicals and pathogens from the bloodstream and organs;
  • Improve hormone production, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, digestion and bowel action;
  • Enhance electrolyte balance and cellular energy for increased vitality;
  • Alkalize and oxygenate the blood, brain and cellular system;
  • Revitalize adrenal, thyroid, endocrine and lymphatic functions;
  • Maximize mental stamina, physical energy and libido;
  • Stimulate the growth of hair, skin and bone.



A nourishing daily super food cleanse and meal replacement




V GREENS is rich in minerals, proteins, amino acids and electrolytes, and is blended with the freshest, most potent herbs and sea greens such as blue green algae, dulse, kelp and spirulina. It is the optimal vitamin and mineral based super food that strengthens the body’s immune and digestive systems while supporting pro-biotic development.

Laden with electrolytes, including magnesium, calcium and essential trace minerals, V GREENS provides the nutrients for improved heart function and for the immune, digestive, circulatory, bone, muscular, neurological and hormonal systems.

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V CLEANSE is a natural herbal blend combined with humic/fulvic minerals, amorphous silica and other electrolytes to chelate heavy metals and chemicals from the body without depleting mineral reserves. It alkalizes the body and gently cleanses the colon, liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

For optimum health and vitality it cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and bloodstream while strengthening the immune, digestive, lymphatic, hormonal, and endocrine systems.

V CLEANSE also eliminates heat and inflammation from the body’s deep tissue and organs to decrease pain and increase mental focus and emotional balance. 




V ENZYME contains SBO probiotics, electrolytes and prebiotics from herbs and minerals to promote optimal digestive functions and immune support. It also supports the body’s daily task of liver bile and pancreatic enzyme production, cholesterol maintenance, digestion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and the removal of plaque from the small intestine.

V ENZYME has a mild to strong laxative effect within 24 hours of consumption depending on amounts taken.


ELECTRA CLAY is a mineral rich clay providing maximum toxic absorption of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins. Its broad spectrum mineral balance provides nourishment for adrenal, endocrine and neurological functions.

Benefits from these minerals include greater energy, physical stamina, mental focus, serenity, emotional balance, and a general sense of well-being. The electrolytes in ELECTRA CLAY are super foods for the brain, the hormonal system and DNA.

Taken orally or in a bath before bedtime, ELECTRA CLAY also enhances a deeper, more restful sleep.

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VitElectra products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


VitElectra’s products have helped me live a healthier lifestyle by cleansing my body of toxic waste. In tandem with an appropriate diet, V GREENS and V CLEANSE have helped me lose 15 pounds in a month.

Jason, Los Angeles

Working as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse with very stressful days I need VitElectra’s products to help boost my immune system. I was diagnosed with SLE almost 20 years ago and with these products I experience less symptoms. I feel healthy and energized. I am recommending VitElectra’s products to all my friends and family.

Pernilla, Laguna Beach

As a mother of two young children, my  mental and physical health are vital to keeping up with the demands of day to day life. VitElectra’s products have given me the physical energy and mental clarity to keep up with my demanding lifestyle. My body also feels “clean” and “regular” from cleansing and my immune system is much stronger from VitElectra’s amazing super foods. These nutritious super foods have helped me avoid catching the flu and other bugs that my children bring home from school. I highly recommend VitElectra to anyone wanting to improve their health and well being.

Tommi, Manhattan Beach

I am a registered nurse and was diagnosed then hospitalized as a diabetic over seven months ago. Upon release from the hospital I started using VitElectra products and changed my diet to a healthier one. Since then I’ve lost 60 pounds, gotten off insulin… and my diabetes and hypertension are gone. VitElectra’s products are easy to take and I’m constantly complimented on how healthy my skin and hair look. VitElectra’s products have changed my life dramatically and for that I’m eternally grateful. Thanks VitElectra!

Hollis, Phoenix

I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with Stage 4 prostate, stomach and squamis cell cancer. After undergoing surgery, I did double platinum chemo and radiation therapy, five days a week for six weeks, via twenty minute regimens. My body was so toxic from the chemicals and radiation and my mind so foggy with “Chemo Brain” that I couldn’t properly pronounce “apple”. When I started using V GREENS, ELECTRA CLAY, V ENZYMES AND V CLEANSE one year ago, I could see the toxins coming out in my urine and feces. After a year of using VitElectra’s products, my body is cleaner, my immune system is stronger, my energy levels are much higher and my mental state is more alert and attuned than ever. VitElectra’s products have cleansed and nourished me and improved my quality of life tremendously. I recommend and buy VitElectra products for everyone I care about. I love the newest product, DeRadiate, which is a combination of 4 products and more simple to use.

Phillip, Scottsdale

I have tried many “cleanses” and “super foods” over the years and always wondered if I was wasting money for products that wouldn’t deliver positive results. It wasn’t until I tried VitElectra’s products that my body and brain felt a difference. After taking V GREENS and V ENZYMES I had a ton of energy and didn’t crave my morning and afternoon coffee which was a daily habit for me. After taking ELECTRA CLAY capsules and using the powder in my bath, my skin glowed and I felt cleansed from within. I work as a Flight Attendant and I am exposed to a lot of radiation working at 35,000 feet and I feel these products help with the oxidative damage that this causes. I get through my day feeling amazing and sleep great, and really feel and see a difference when I am using these products!

Tara, Scottsdale

As a mother of 3 young children with a busy work schedule in the film industry, I have come to rely on VitElectra’s products on a daily basis. I start every day off with V GREENS capsules for a nutritious and energetic boost. I then take V ENZYME capsules before a light lunch, usually a salad or soup. I drink herbal teas during the day and finish the day with DeRadiate capsules before a dinner of steamed vegetables. For a relaxing sleep and to detox the day’s accumulated toxins in my body, I throw a cup of ELECTRA CLAY into my bath and soak for at least 30 minutes. I can feel the toxins coming right out of me and see them in the bath tub! I am so happy with every VitElectra product. They have given me a cleaner feeling inside and out, with glowing and vibrant skin. I have tried every detox and green food on the market and there is no better product line with such amazing ingredients!

Alejandra, Manhattan Beach